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BerrySmart-05.jpgOur specialty is cold hardy fruit trees. We have gathered together a very nice collection that produces well and flourishes. Enjoy your own, homegrown fruit where only your own tender loving care has brought it to your table.



Apple - Treasured Red

Treasured Red Apple    


4-22-38_Columnar_apple.JPG Treasured Red Fruit  This is a brand new apple developed on the prairies, for the prairies by the University of Saskatchewan.  What makes it so unique is the habit of growth.  It is not like any other apple growing in your neighbourhood.  

Treasured Red  An exciting NEW hardy columnar apple tree - an introduction from the University of Saskatchewan!  Super compact with maximum yield!  Instead of developing horizontal branches like standard apple trees do, these trees form fruit on short spurs that develope along the main trunk.  Tree width is 1 to 2.2 m (3 to 4 ft)!  Mature height is 4 m (15 ft).  The fruit is bright cherry red, large and smooth with a nice waxy bloom.  Fruit ripens in Mid -September with an excellent texture and flavour similar to a McIntosh apple, and stores well!  They easily fit into the smallest gardens; you can plant several along a fence or deck.  Plant Breeders Rights applied for.

Apple - Alberta Buff

Alberta Buff
White fleshed apple with green, red blush, large fruit, crisp and juicy. Sharp flavour, Zone 2, non-russeting, non browning. Long cellar life. From 1960 University of Alberta breeding program.  This is a great favourite of Dr. Evans.









Apple - Prairie Sensation

 Prairie Sensation

(18-10-32) This is one of the best apples out there to plant.  It has produced well for us in our timex torture test site.  Incredible, tasty fruit.  One of our favourites!   Zone 3, hardy dessert apple. Large fruit, green washed with an over-lay of red. New from the University of Saskatchewan.




At long last, we are getting varieties that produce good fruit. The trees are 15 to 20 feet tall, covered in fragrant white blooms making them a beautiful ornamental.   Pears should be planted more often!  Cross pollination required.

New Pear  Coming fall 2017


Beedle Pear
Discovered by John Beedle in St. Albert, Alberta, among a row of seedling Siberian Pears. Promoted and introduced by Dr. Evans. This is an exceptional pear.


New Pear coming fall 2017



 New Pear coming fall 2017



 New Pear coming fall 2017



Plums are either Asian (Prunus salicina), North American or wild plums (P.salicina or P. nigra) and Hybrid (crosses between the two). The key to plum production is pollination. Asians will pollinate other Asian plums. Hybrid plums will not pollinate other hybrid plums! Hybrid plums require genuine wild plums to set good fruit.

Cherry will not set Hybrid plum.

All these plums are very hardy and grow heavy crops if adequate pollination is present.
Eg: H-Z2-E,C,J-Early: This Means Hybrid, Zone 2, Eating, Cooking, Jam - Early

H - Hybrid Z0 : Below -50o  E : Eating Early 
A - Asiatic Z1 : -50oC to -45o C - Cooking & Canning  Mid 
NA - North American Z2 : -45oC to -40o J - Jam  Late 
  Z3 : -40oC to -35oC      
  Z4 : -35oC to -29o    
  Z5 : -29oC  to -23o    


Edible Mountain Ash

More information coming soon!