U-Pik @ DNA Gardens

  • Bring hats, bug spray and sun screen...maybe rain gear this year!  Check out our weather conveniently located on the home page prior to coming out.
  • Bring mud proof boots or shoes.  Most of our orchards are on grass, but even the grass is wet.
  • Bring a belt so you can pick with 2 hands. (Much speedier)
  • Bring ice cream pails if you have.  We have a supply on the farm if not.
  • Please honk for service if you don't see anyone around.  Often we are working near by or taking customers out to the field.


Black Currants
Ready mid to late August.  Great for jam, juice, wine.  Black Currants might make the best jam.  (Dave’s favourite)



Tart Cherries
Fruit is incredible.  Available most of August because we have 8 different varieties that ripen at different times.  What a flavour blast.  Awesome in pies, smoothies, juice, wine.



Ready just after the toons.   These are new to our farm and they are starting to fruit nicely in 2016.  We are excited about 2017 season.  We have 5 different varieties planted and they look like once they start fruiting, they will fruit right up to freeze up.



Ready usually the last 2 weeks of July.  I just love these fresh right off the bush.  They are so sweet.  Great for pies, smoothies.  We find they add sweetness to smoothies and I enjoy their almondy seeds.



More Information


Nutritionally Speaking, Berry SmartTM says:

BerryGuy-3.jpgDark coloured fruits are so healthy for you!  They all have various combinations of antioxidants that help protect your body from heart disease and cancer.  Those are big ones!  Cherries are good for arthitis and goute and help you sleep.  Black Currants are exceedingly high in vitamin C and good for your circulatory system.  Researchers believe black currants help prevent Alzheimer's.  Saskatoons are called Super fruits, chock full of iron, fiber and antioxidants.