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Friday, Jul 22 16 16:08pm
The Saskatoon crop decided to take a break, cut back and relax after the monster yield of 2015.  The berries are lovely this year but not plentiful.  You know the old saying, "Feast or famine?"  It comes from real life!  Thank heavens f… Read More
Monday, Jul 11 16 19:14pm
Juicy, fat, luscious cherries are coming soon.  Don't forget to have your cherries pitted before you leave the farm.  When quantities of fruit warrant, we invite you to pit your fruit with our machine.  You can pit as fast as you can pour. Read More
Monday, Jul 11 16 19:02pm
We planted 3 more 1000 foot rows of raspberries.  We had a great catch this spring.  We also planted some shelterbelt of willow.  I originally planted pine because they grow quickly and are drought tolerant.  The deer just trash them. &… Read More
Monday, Jul 11 16 18:25pm
We are irrigating steady and the rains are a lovely bonus for us. Read More
Monday, Jul 11 16 18:25pm
2 nights of -5 did take a kick at our crop.  Surprisingly, we still have a fair crop of saskatoons.  The cherries bloomed after and they look great.  There are no apples, plums or pears.   We only grow honeyberries for the house now. &… Read More
Friday, Feb 05 16 14:58pm
We have over 80 bird boxes scattered through the orchard! These are largely colonized in the summer by non-berry eating species which helps us reduce the amount of bird damage! We have set up 4 large kestrel boxes but so far, we have attracted northern fl… Read More
Monday, Feb 01 16 19:27pm
Bumper crop of 2015 will be hard to follow up on.  The orchard is covered with snow and waiting to burst into bloom at the first sign of spring. Read More
Monday, Aug 18 14 15:47pm
CHERRIES! CHERRIES! BIG FAT CHERRIES!  These tart beauties fill your bucket quick! Enjoy them in your pies, jams, smoothies, ice cream, yogurt and more.  Stuff them in your pork, or infuse spirits!  Please share your favourite recipes!  Read More
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