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Apple blossoms !DNA Gardens specializes in cold, hardy apple trees.

Grafted Fruit Trees    -  We will be grafting some of these trees in the future.  Please check back.

Edible Mountain Ash
Espaulier Fruit Trees

Cold, hardy apples suited to our prairie climate is our specialty.  We have gathered together a very nice collection that produces well and flourishes.  Enjoy your own, homegrown fruit where only your own tender loving care has brought it to your table.

No room? Try an espaulier.  Espaulier is a tree pruned to grow flat on a fence or wall.  Used
extensively in Europe.   The effect is attractive and a conversation piece.
Early Season Apples
Norland    Large sweet red apple, fruits heavily at a young age.  Excellent eating, annual producer.  Stores if picked before fully ripe.  Cream coloured flesh. Harcourt   Green washed with red.  Up to 3 inches.  Sweet and hardy.  Excellent eater, a favorite on the farm.
Mid - Season Apple
Alberta Buff  White fleshed apple with green, red blush, large fruit, crisp and juicy. Sharp flavour, Zone 2, non-russeting, non browning.  Long cellar life.  From 1960 University of Alberta breeding program. Alberta Gold  Golden yellow fruit, closely resembles Golden Delicious in size, shape and colour, Zone 3 .
Alberta Red  Handsome, big, shiny, red apple.  Good, crisp eating.  Another rescue from obscurity by Doc E.  Originates from 1960 University of Alberta breeding program. Boughen Delight  Up to 3" , Heavy producer, sweet, juicy apple, Good  fresh, for cooking and storage. 
M360  Good eating, cooking and baking.  Never fails.  Stores well for up to 6 months.  Flourishing in Coaldale and Didsbury, Ab.  This apple had some hail damage.  Variety rescued by Robert Davidson.  Click here for the story! Norkent  Very hardy, large fruit, crisp, sweet.  Annual producer. 
Prairie Sensation  (18-10-32) Zone 3, hardy dessert apple.  Large fruit, green washed with an over-lay of red.  New from the University of Saskatchewan.  
Late Season Apples
Alberta Green 
Doc E found this high quality apple in Stettler, Alberta.  Turns yellow when ripe, mid to late September.  Excellent eating and keeping.
Cream coloured, washed with red when ripe, sweet, slightly acidic and crisp.  Zone 2!  Excellent eating, cooking and keeping.  Thrives in Prince Albert, SK.  Stores up to 20 weeks.  Another favourite! 
September Ruby 
Mid to late September, intense Ruby Red color, Stores well.  Increasing in popularity in the last few years. 
At long last, we are getting varieties that produce good fruit. The trees are 15 to 20 feet tall, covered in fragrant white blooms making them a beautiful ornamental.   Pears should be planted more often!  Cross pollination required.

John Pear  - Developed by Art Coutts of Unity Saskatchewan.  This one is tart, firm, large and hardy.  Good for canning.  Very impressive fruit size.  Stunning red fall foliage.  Zone 2.

Beedle Pear  - Discovered by John Beedle in St. Albert, Alberta, among a row of seedling Siberian Pears.  Promoted and introduced by Dr. Evans.  This is an exceptional pear. Ure Pear  - Good all around pear. Fruit is sweet and flavourful with a similar taste and texture to a Bartlett pear.  Released in 1978  at Mordon Research Station.

Thomas Pear
 Round, funny shaped fruit, but good eating.  Lovely orange fall color.
All these plums are very hardy and grow heavy crops if adequate pollination is present. 

Eg: H-Z2-E,C,J-Early  means Hybrid, Zone 2, Eating, Cooking, Jam - Early
Plums are either Asian (Prunus salicina), North American or wild plums (P.salicina  or P. nigra) and Hybrid (crosses between the two).  The key to plum production is pollination.  Asians will pollinate other Asian plums.  Hybrid plums will not pollinate other hybrid plums!  Hybrid plums require genuine wild plums to set good fruit.  See article by Rick Sawatsky, U of S fruit guru using this link********link not active yet

Cherry will not set Hybrid plum.
Plum Key Type Hardiness Zone Plum Fruit Usage Season of Fruit
H - Hybrid Z0     below -50oC E - Eating Early
A - Asiatic Z1  -50oC to -45oC C - Cooking and canning Mid
NA - North American Z2  -45oC to -40oC J - Jam Late
  Z3  -40oC to -35oC    
  Z4  -35oC to -29oC    
  Z5  -29oC to -23oC    
Edible Mountain Ash

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