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DNA Gardens helped plant almost 300 acres of Black Currants in the Red Deer, Alberta area

Black Currant Pictures

Black-currant-fruit.jpg (12323 bytes)
Black currant fruit
on a bc leaf.

DNA Gardens 2003
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blackcurrant-fruit-in-hand.jpg (15143 bytes)

Handful of black currants
in the field.
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DNA Gardens helped plant almost 300 acres of black currants in the Red Deer, Alberta area.  Those orchards were all planted with black plastic mulch.  The technique works very well and we got really fast.  This incredible summer crew trained and pulled together by DNA Gardens could plant about 15,000 black currants a day and mulch about 8,000 black currants a day.  All 5 varieties of the Ben Black Currants were planted. 
blackcurrant-on-black-plast.jpg (12884 bytes)
Black currant plant
on black poly.
A great way to
keep the weeds
under control.
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blackcurrantfoliage500.jpg (8280 bytes)

Black Currant foliage
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Ben Sarek, Ben Connan, Ben Tirran, Ben Alder, Ben Nevis were all planted.  Ben Lomond was intentionally omitted because it is susceptible to powdery mildew.  Titania interestingly enough defoliaged due to spider mites 2 years in a row.  Thankfully we did not plant but 20 feet in a test plot The Ben series of black currants were developed in Mylnefield, Scotland.  They turn out to be cold, hardy for our climate.  In fact, they grow better when they get "enough" cold.
The nutrition and flavour of black currants is unsurpassed.  Black Currants are extremely high in Vitamin C and antioxidants.  

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