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The amazing, cold hardy Evans cherry!What is going on at DNA Gardens.

Time for a change!

February, 2010
We will be grafting this winter so check the inventory list. 

34 years of growing, blooming and fruiting!

Dave and Arden of DNA Gardens have retired to our 20 acres of orchard.  It is time for us to lighten our workload so we can enjoy our family and each other while we still have our good health.  Who knows, we might even have grandchildren someday!  We have sold the tissue culture portion of our business.  It has been a pleasure over the years to work in this industry and I want to say thank you to so many of our customers, staff and contacts. 

We will continue to sell our fruit from the farm so don't forget us at Saskatoon time!  We also have lots of great tasting cherries, chokecherries and black currants.

Our love and passion is certainly the thrill of growing new plants and as such we will continue to work with Dr. Evans trialing, testing and introducing new exciting varieties.  We are very excited about the columnar apple varieties we are testing.  If they are as good as I hope, we will be bringing these to the market.

The black currant industry appears poised for growth in North America!  Therefore, we will be keeping our black currant contracts and stooling beds.  If you are interested in commercial quantities, please inquire.

Dave and Arden



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Top Photo:  Evans Cherry Tree

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